Tuesday, 26 February 2008

White Journalists Banned

It is with great concern BEMAWU has noted the blatant racism displayed when the SABC Political Editor, Abbey Makoe has banned white journalist from an exclusive black meeting.

What is of greater concern however is the attitude of our new President-to-be-elected, Mr Jacob Zuma when he said he sees nothing wrong with this.

BEMAWU is of the view that it divides instead of unifies the nation. Why can't white journalists hear the problems black journalists have and jointly try to address same?

Fortunately not all black South Africans think like Mr Makoe and Zuma.

BEMAWU therefore supports the complaints laid with the Human Rights Comission and we are eagerly awaiting the public hearings in this respect.

We call on the SABC to take the strongest action possible against Mr Makoe to send a clear message it is comitted to rid the SABC and our society from racism.

We are comitted to a non-racial, non-sexist community and SABC.

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