Thursday, 27 November 2008


BEMAWU is the only independent trade union organised in the broadcasting and media industry. Any media worker serious about Independence will not join another trade union but BEMAWU. Whilst other unions may want to mislead you with all sorts of sweet talk, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating.

That is why employees want to cross the floor to BEMAWU the moment they are in need of proper representation.

Don't be mislead by frills and empty talk.... when it comes to action, NO OTHER UNION CAN BEAT BEMAWU!!!


Latest correspondence from SABC re Substantives

SABC Board will meet on 8-9 December 2008 were the employer will present the progress report to date on substantive negotiations. The employer proposes due to the holiday period coming soon that we convene Substantive Negotiations and determining the bargaining requirements for 2009 in the week 12-16 January 2008 for two (2) days.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Substantive Negotiations

We have received no further invitations from the SABC to conclude the substantive negotiations. Rumour has it that the Head of Labour Relations, Nthlaks has resigned. We have also heard rumours of retrenchment packages that will be offered to employees, but could not confirm it. We have not been informed by any SABC Official of such intention.

We are concerned about the state of the SABC. It appears from their financial statements that they have showed a surplus as a result of the Pension Fund surplus. If it was not for that, the SABC would have been R99M in the red.

We have been trying to get an appointment with the Acting Group CE, Mr Gab Mampone. He appears to be complete unapproachable and the only deduction we can make from this is that he is anti-union.

When we requested a meeting with him to discuss the SABC's financial situation, he wanted an agenda. When we told his office it's about the financial and general state of the SABC, we have not heard from him again.

So organised labour is out in the cold again!!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

BEMAWU has won another case at the CCMA

BEMAWU has won another case at the CCMA.

Member Mr Steven Carlton worked for the SABC for several years on a fixed-term contract. These contracts were rolled-over very time it came to an end. At the end of his last contract he was offered a longer contract but for a total different, lower position. He rejected the contract on the basis of a reasonable expectation that his contract would be renewed on similar of better terms. The CCMA ruled in his favour and awarded him compensation.

This once again confirms that an employer cannot roll over contracts and then simply decide to terminate it. A fixed-term contract is primarily meant for non-permanent positions.

If you have been on a fixed-term/freelance contract for a number of years and you want it to be converted into permanent employment, contact us at