Tuesday, 18 November 2008

BEMAWU has won another case at the CCMA

BEMAWU has won another case at the CCMA.

Member Mr Steven Carlton worked for the SABC for several years on a fixed-term contract. These contracts were rolled-over very time it came to an end. At the end of his last contract he was offered a longer contract but for a total different, lower position. He rejected the contract on the basis of a reasonable expectation that his contract would be renewed on similar of better terms. The CCMA ruled in his favour and awarded him compensation.

This once again confirms that an employer cannot roll over contracts and then simply decide to terminate it. A fixed-term contract is primarily meant for non-permanent positions.

If you have been on a fixed-term/freelance contract for a number of years and you want it to be converted into permanent employment, contact us at headoffice@bemawu.org.za

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