Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Salary Negotiations - Update

Salary negotiations with the SABC was postponed sine die as the DOC and portfolio committee on communications apparently did not approve the SABC's budget. According to sources the SABC submitted a budget indicating the SABC will run in a severe deficit the following financial year.

At a meeting on Monday, April 7, General Manager, Labour Relations of the SABC Ntlaks Nkontwana was asked when salary negotiations will resume. Nkontwana confirmed there was a problem was the budget, saying the SABC had no budget for a salary increase. He said the problem had been fixed and an invitation will go out soon to BEMAWU to resume the negotiations.

As soon as new information becomes available, an update will be posted here. Make sure you come back to be informed of the latest developments.

The SABC is still blocking BEMAWU to send out mass e-mail to our members.

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Anonymous said...

SABC states there is no budget for annual increases this year. Are they considering retrenchment packages?

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