Wednesday, 04 August 2010

The not-so-Human Resources of SABC Sales and Marketing

Sue Dennison worked for the SABC for 20 years.

This morning she received this e-mail from the Human Resources Department, Sales and Marketing headed by Mr Dingaan Feliti.

“Hi Sue
This serves to advise that your last day in our service was 31 July 2010 as you reached normal retirement age during July.  We erroneously did not inform you and did not do the processing.  Please be aware that the SABC will not be in a position to pay you for the 2 days you worked in August 2010.

HOW DREADFUL IS THIS? First you don’t inform the employee, after 20 years of service that her services will be terminated (many employees continue to work beyond retirement date). No interest at all in her 20 years of service. No “thank you”, no “good bye”. And then you add insult to injury by stating she will not be paid for the two days she worked!!!! Unbelievable!  Shocking! Well, maybe not so shocking for us, because this is how employees are treated, in particular at Sales and Marketing. By what is called Human Resources.

Sales and Marketing is the engine room of the SABC’s finances, where at least 80% of the SABC’s income is generated. And this is how you treat those employees?

A report from a member.

Dear Hannes
Please refer to the e-mail below and the attachment and kindly note that most of the staff is distraught with the way this had been dealt with as Tannie Sue was seen crying uncontrollably and was made to leave the building like a skelm after 20 years of service to the SABC.
What are we going to do about this as the members of the union/s are very upset with the way they are dealing with the pertinent matters within Group Sales & Marketing.”

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