Wednesday, 02 February 2011

Rollout of the Turnaround Strategy

The General Manager
Employee Relations
Auckland Park

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that you and Mr. Motsoeneng is currently on a so-called national road show to communicate the Turnaround Strategy to staff. Yesterday you informed staff members in Durban about several aspects of the Turnaround Strategy which has not been consulted with us as organised labour at the SABC. On what basis are you doing this?

The only basis we can reasonably think of is that the Turnaround Strategy is a fait accompli and that you are not serious about the consultation process. If you were really interested in our input as organised labour it means that a lot of what you now have as the Turnaround Strategy could change, and then you will have to communicate same to staff again. If your road show is aimed at merely informing staff of the strategy with the understanding it can change after input from us as organised labour, you are then busy with a fruitless and wasteful exercise.

You have furthermore, and without discussing same with organised labour leadership engaged our union structures in the region as if you were consulting with us. We would like to register our strongest objection to this conduct. Kindly be advised that meetings with union structures in the regions does NOT constitute consultation, and is seen as undermining the consultation process we still have to agree to.

We urge you to immediately cease with your road show and to urgently schedule follow-up meetings with organised labour at Head office to enable us to engage you on the Turnaround Strategy. Your road show is misplaced and unnecessary until such time we have engaged on the outstanding issues in respect of the consultation process. Should the road show you currently on not be a matter which we need to consult on too?


Hannes du Buisson

From: Tlotlo Seru
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 4:28 PM
To: **All Mafikeng Personnel
Cc: Cherrise Mafata
Subject: Rollout of the Turnaround Strategy

Good afternoon
Your are kindly invited to a Roll-out of the Turnaround Strategy on the 09th February 2011 at 12:00 in Studio 1.  Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng (Stakeholder Executive Manager) and Mr Justice Ndaba (Acting HR Executive Manager) will be facilitating the process.
Your availability and participation will be highly appreciated.
Tlotlo Seru
Regional General Manager - North West Region

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