Monday, 30 June 2008

Offer rejected

All three Unions have rejected the multi-term proposed by the SABC. According to the SABC we will meet soon to discuss the way forward.

We are labour unions that have the right to negotiate terms and conditions of employment. The SABC is NOT offering anything additional to convince us to accept a multi-term. Latest settlements are on 12% without a multi-term.

We will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

So what is the latest?

Anonymous said...

Will we PLEASE receive our increases at the end of this month? We cannot receive our annual increases at the end og whatever month when it is supposed to be end of April. This is really a desperate plea from a desperate SABC staff member. I NEED my increase. By the way, why is it that Robin Nicholson never gets the blame for anything??? Isn't he the one who is supposed to look after the finances of the SABC? Or is he using Gail Pedra to cover all his wrong doings??? Perhaps they should also be investigated. But please do something - anything - we need our increases.

Anonymous said...

CWU and MWASA have signed. What is BEMAWU going to do?

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