Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Update on Salary Negotiations - 8 July 2008

The SABC is spreading rumours that some of the Unions has accepted the SABC Salary offer of 11.5% plus the multi-term.

It is false and misleading!

BEMAWU has NOT accepted the multi-term as members has voted (via this web site, sms and at the meeting) against it.

MWASA has NOT accepted the multi-term as I contacted MWASA yesterday and spoke to their Chief Negotiator and General Secretary, Com Albert Makgoba and he has assured me that MWASA has NOT accepted the SABC's offer.

Albert also assured me he had contact with the CWU and they have NOT signed and accepted the SABC's offer.

The offer being put on the table by the SABC, in terms of Percentage is not bad but is not an exceptional offer. Unions are settling on 12% currently without any multi-term.

The mandate we have received to date, via sms, this website and in the meeting is to accept the 11.5% but to reject the multi-term. If we accept the multi-term next year and the year thereafter you will automatically receive whatever CPIX of the previous year was plus 1%.

So if the CPIX at the time is sky-high and you are struggling to make ends meet, we will NOT be in a position to engage the SABC in negotiations for a better increase.

If the SABC has an exceptionally good year, which they will have as a result of 2010, we will NOT be able to approach the SABC for a better salary increase.

If bond interest rates sharply rise, (as it did this year and more than 100 000 has already lost their houses because they cannot afford the higher interest rate) we will NOT be in a position to approach the SABC for a better salary increase, as CPIX EXCLUDES bond interest rates.

We will again send out an sms to ballot you to either reject or accept the salary offer as it stands.

The offer is 11.5% plus the multi term.

Please do not vote with anything else than ACCEPT or REJECT.

If you want to accept the 11.5% with the multi-term, vote ACCEPT.
If you want to accept the 11.5% without the multi term vote REJECT, as the 11.5% without multi-term is NOT on the table from the SABC's side at this point in time.

If you haven't received any sms's, please sms your number to 0829208669.


Anonymous said...

Personally I can live with the 11,5% with the muti-term, because I am desperate for an increase. And I am sure I am not the only one - there must be more people in the SABC feeling this way.

Anonymous said...

CWU are gong to sign and that's not a rumour.
I think with the finacial circumstances everybody is experiencing this unfruitful salary meetings/negotiations are just delaying what will eventually pen out. What worries me is that it has become a norm that increase should metirialize in September.The Government offered it's employees ten percent and we still pushing for two percent above and it makes no difference for us mere workers. Another point is we won't have to caught up in negotiations during the time when the country is supposed to be focused on the major soccer tournaments happening.

Anonymous said...

We have just received a survey to fill in from the SABC. On there they say that MWASA signed the agreement with multi-term conditions.

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