Friday, 20 March 2009

Discrimination rife at SABC

The SABC is still a male dominated environment, a man’s world.
According to the SABC’s Employment Equity report Black (African) woman only accounts for 20.69% of the SABC workforce oppose to their male counterparts that dominates the workforce with 36.21%. This despite the fact that African woman are the most recruited (40.44%). African woman also seems to feel the most unwelcome as they were the majority (31.29%) that resigned in the past year. On top of that they were on the receiving end in respect of disciplinary action with 50% of all disciplinary action instituted against them. When it came to promotion, they again had to bow the head to their male counterparts who were in front in the queue with 32.84% versus their 29.85% of the cake. And they are also not welcome in management as they only makes out 20.69% of Top and Middle Management.
On the other hand it appears as if their white sisters were not doing too badly. In respect of promotions white females were third in the queue (14.18%), none of them got dismissed and no disciplinary action was instituted against any white female. They were also the third most preferred when it came to new appointments and the forth most representative in Top and Middle management. Their white male counterparts beat them with one place, being the third most representative.
There appears to be a huge inequality when it comes to the distribution of salaries.
The top 11% (Senior officials, management) earns 24% of the salary bill with an almighty R 308,786,802 per year averaging a salary of R 55 800 per month!
The professionals (3.19%) earn 4.35% of the bill and Technicians and Associated professionals (50.33%) earn 47.46% of the bill. The huge discrepancies in salaries are starting to manifest with Clerks who accounts for 25.85% of the workforce but only are allocated 17.43% of the salary bill.

Only 55.98% of all SABC staff are employees involved in core operational functions. The rest are support staff (44,02%). This effectively means for every 1.27 employee involved in core operations there is one support staff member.

White males are the third largest group of employees totaling 13.76% of the workforce.


African Male 1,359 = 34.44%
African Female 1,060 = 26.86% (Total 61.30%)
White Male 543 = 13.76%
White Female 440 = 11.15% (Total 24.91%)
Coloured Female 194 = 4.92%
Coloured Male 131 = 3.32% (Total 8.24%)
Indian Female 104 = 2.64%
Indian Male 94 = 2.38% (Total 5.02%)
Foreign National Male 13 = 0.33%
Foreign National Female 8 = 0.20% (Total 0.53%)

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