Thursday, 05 March 2009

Application removed from Roll

We have just received a Notice of Removal from the applicant, Barry Aaron.

The SABC undertook to pay him, and he has removed the Application from the Roll. What it means is that the matter will be held over to a later date and can be re-enrolled at any time if the SABC does not pay.

The Application has not been withdrawn.

The SABC Board has really put us in a huge mess. It is their most important task to see that the SABC stays afloat and be able to meet its mandate. By allowing money to be spent in this manner and end up on the steps of the High Court before they pay smacks of unprofessional and irresponsible management. Now everyone’s jobs are at stake.

We must demand that we get a competent Board and top management.

BEMAWU will consult it's lawyers on Monday to investigate the possibility to bring an application to put the SABC under judicial management.

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Anonymous said...

The CFO should stop blaming others for the problems and should take responsibility for the crisis. He has 2 consultants - Gail Pedra and Esthea du Toit - they both earn a high salary - I suppose? Staff can now not even order refreshments - why are they being punished for his and all senior management's incompetencies???? Something urgently should be done about the situation.Staff cannot be upgraded, yet management is on the gravy train - shame on them .... How can they still face their staff and how can they keep on blaming their staff??? They should be greatful for their loyal staff, who keep the SABC going - but still they are not. How do they live with themselves - it is unbelievable. And what about the newly appointed CTO from the BBC? Was this appointment really necessary??????????

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