Friday, 02 October 2009

Salary Negotiations

Conciliation took place at the CCMA in the matter where the SABC unilaterally increased salaries of our members outside the so-called bargaining unit by 5% only. BEMAWU made it clear that we intend to fight for our members only, particularly on the basis of the SABC’s argument that they cannot afford a higher percentage increase. Instead of extending it to all employees we submitted that it should only be applicable to our members. We further argued that no other employee complained about the 5% that we aware of, and on that basis only BEMAWU members should get the increase.

The Commissioner adjudicating in the matter will issue a directive to the SABC but in the meantime has extended conciliation for 30 days.

We believe all our members should get the same increase and we will continue to fight for this.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Hannes & team. This is a principle issue as there were no criteria set for justifying 5 percent to 130's. This has been ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannes,

Please can you advise what is happening regards to the 5% increase we got is the SABC going to adjust this. The last report regarding this was on the 2nd October


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