Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The Lotus Saga has not come to end.

Recently BEMAWU met with the Chairperson of the Board and asked her why the Lotus-issue in respect of the Weekend Liftoff show (putting Ray Maharajh and Vikash Matura back on air) has not been resolved. Her response was that they (Ray & Vikash) were implicated in a report of some wrongdoings. We requested a copy of the report, which we received.

The report made absolutely no mention of any wrongdoings by our two members. So someone has lied to Irene.

On the same day we received the report we had a meeting with Charlotte Mampane, Lulama and Mandla Soko. Soko once again confirmed that in the previous meeting it was decided to put our members back on air, but because we spoke to the media about the matter, Thami Ntenteni decided to punish them and to not put them back on air.

After we discussed the report and it was pointed out to Lulama that our members did nothing wrong and in particular there was nothing in the report, she in principle was not opposed to put them back on air, but wanted to discuss it with Ntenteni first.

Lulama (and Charlotte) undertook to revert back to BEMAWU by Wednesday, last week. They did not.

Yesterday we contacted Charlotte and she then alleged that “the stakeholder” did not want our members back on air. She also said the community does not want them back on air.

We will now engage the Board with a copy of the report and request clarity as to what our members did wrong according to the report. We will also engage the community, who are the stakeholder, to ask their opinion. We will post their response on this blog.

We have furthermore consulted our members at Lotus FM, who indicated that they are prepared to strike to undo the bad managerial decisions taken by the previous station manager, Samuels.

Vikash Matura blew the whistle on Samuels, which led to her disciplinary and suspension and he (and Ray) gets sacked for that! As a responsible trade union we will never allow this to happen. We will continue to fight to get our members reinstated.


12 October 2009

We were privileged to host the “Bala & Peru” show for the first time in Port Elizabeth, on Saturday 10th October 2009.
The show was a complete sell-out and a resounding success, indicative of the popularity of the “two uncles”.
 The most common asked question to “Bala & Peru” was “ When are you coming back on aire.  We miss your show over the weekends.  Its not the same anymore.”
Since the inception of Lotus FM in the Eastern Cape, mid-2006, the listenership has grown.  We fully support and endorse any initiative to restore the personalities to return to the air-waves.
Sincerely yours
Vinash Inderjee
obo  Ekta Committee
Tel: 041 408 5000/ Fax: 041 456 2980
Mobile: 083 413 3133

------ End of Forwarded Message

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