Thursday, 13 May 2010

Breach of Multi-term agreement

Dear Mr. Morobe,

The SABC is in breach of the Multi-term agreement between the parties. The agreement, which was drafted by the SABC (not BEMAWU) clearly stated the SABC will effect a salary increase of CPI +1% by the end of April 2010. The SABC only paid 3.75%. This is clearly in breach of the agreement. For two (2) years prior to April 2010 the SABC knew about this agreement, but failed/alternatively refused to put proper arrangements in place to comply with same.

All our rights are strictly reserved.

Furthermore, the SABC has failed to engage us further in negotiations in respect of the substantive issues and the outstanding 2.2%.

We hereby demand that the SABC either without any further delay implement the outstanding 2.2%, or urgently engage with BEMAWU in negotiations around the implementation of same.

Also in this regard our rights are reserved.

We await your most urgent response.


Hannes du Buisson

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