Friday, 21 May 2010


If reports are true that the Chairperson of the Board and the GCEO of the SABC appointed Mr. Phil Molefe as Head of News without the consent of the rest of the Board, it would constitute a very serious breach of corporate governance and has the  potential of once again plunging the SABC into similar turmoil the country experienced the same time last year. It also has the potential of seriously jeopardizing the World Cup, only 20 days away. The SABC and the country cannot again afford a division in the Board with all its infighting and have people acting outside governance structures.

The Board and the GCEO have been accused twice in the past three months of allegedly flouting corporate governance and it appears to be   

We are calling for the immediate suspension of both the Chairperson of the Board and the GCEO, and any other person involved in this serious breach of corporate governance pending a proper investigation of the matter and to avoid a situation of infighting and destabilization of the SABC at a very crucial time in the history of our country. A suspension would be precautionary of nature, and would not indicate the guilt of anyone involved.

To date the top structure of the SABC has failed to address many issues, including the most pressing one in the Freestate, where employees every day of their lives are intimidated and threatened by draconian management and the mere asking of a question can result in suspensions for longer than a year whilst others walk free in matters involving millions of rands.

We also demand that the appointment of Mr. Molefe be reversed, as it was done ultra vires and carries no status.


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