Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Salary Negotiations 2011

The salary negotiations for 2011/12 kicked off today with a preliminary meeting with management to discuss the process and other issues. The SABC tabled it's offer to which Unions must respond with their own proposals by 27 April. The parties are committed to attempt to finalize the negotiations by 6 May 2011. The SABC offered a 4.7% increase ATB for employees in the bargaining unit. They also propose another multi-term agreement to end in March 2014 to be based on average CPI +1%. The SABC further proposes Total Cost of Employment for the bargaining unit, an adjustment in housing on condition that employees accept TCOE, Medical Aid to become part of TCOE, Pension fund to become part of TCOE with no structural change to the Pension Fund.

More to follow later.

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Anonymous said...

Minimum increase of 7.5% ATB. Housing allowance R1500.00. Medical Aid and Pension fund not part of TCOE.

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