Saturday, 14 May 2011

Update Salary Negotiations

The SABC and Organised Labour have both revised their respective positions. 

The increase in Housing Subsidy to R 1350,00 has been accepted by the parties.

Labour has tabled the following demand:
- 11% ATB
- Meal Subsidy
- Gym Subsidy
- Increase in S&T

The SABC has tabled the following offer:
- 7% ATB
- Increase in housing subsidy to a flat rate of R1350.00 (which has been accepted)
- Collapsing of Scales 409 & 408 to scale 407

The parties unfortunately were not able to reach agreement, and as salaries close on Monday (according to the SABC) we are left with no option as to continue negotiations after elections.

There will be a joint Labour meeting on the 23rd of May at 12:00, K1 Auditorium.

Negotiations will then continue on 30 and 31 May 2011.

It is in the best interest of members to not rush to conclude an agreement just because we want the increase to be effected as soon as possible. Any increase will be backdated, and members will not loose anything.

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