Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Salary Negotiations 27 May 2008

The SABC and Organised Labour (BEMAWU, MWASA, CWU) have started with Salary Negotiations for the year 2008/2009 on Monday, 26 May 2008 at Idle Winds, Muldersdrift.

The SABC made an offer of initially 6% and then 6.5% increase ATB (Across the Board). Organised Labour has made a counter offer of 15.5% plus the Substantive Issues we tried to negotiate since last year.

The Substantive Issues put on the table are as follows:

1. A R16 800 p.a Housing Subsidy for all employees in the Bargaining Unit.
2. The conversion of Fixed Term Contracts to Permanent Contracts for all employees currently employed on fixed term contracts in permanent positions.
3. Gym Subsidy of R720 p.a
4. Meal Subsidy R 106 per month.

The SABC refused to engage Organised Labour on the Substantive Issues saying they have no mandate to do so.

Management requested that the meeting be adjourned. The chairperson adjourned the meeting without notifying the parties until when.

We now wait for the SABC.... again.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the so-called substantive issues.I don't care about the pathetic ammounts bandied about for Gym and meal subsidies.We need money not muscles and 3 meals a month(meal subsidy-R106pm)All this does is delay our salary increase.The SABC offer is laughable and shows the regard the SABC has for it's employees i.e. "nothing".Bad business decisions and spending money like confetti is the cause off the financial mess the SABC is in.Add the loss of the Soccer to Supersport and the lack of credibility of News and you have a recipe for disaster. Nothing under 10% will be acceptable.The delaying tactics of the SABC is totally unacceptable and the quicker we strike to drive the point home the better.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. If it wasn't for our "normal" workers this place would have fallen apart completely.

Anonymous said...

sabc should give employees a living wage not the peanuts they want to give us because we are in Broadcasting and not at the Zoo.One other thing please Hannes just follow up on leave days.this new system is very complex on leave days as what we see on the system it is being explained diffe rently by people at salaries. please let sabc give us the old leave breakdown as it used to appear on our payslips. it would normally say Leave Days so much,Encashable so much,2007 commitments so much,2008 commitments so much and days that will be forfeited by June 2008 so much. please let them bring back that process as we are being cheated.

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