Thursday, 08 May 2008

Salary Negotiations - Update 8 May

Yesterday we wrote a letter to the SABC to demand that we continue with Salary Negotiations. We gave them 7 days to meet with us. We are simply not interested in their weak and senseless excuses any more. We frankly don't care about their budgets any more. We want our hard earned salary increase, and we are prepared to fight for it! Should they not meet with us within 7 days, we will take legal action against the SABC to compel them to meet with us. We have signed an agreement that they will meet and negotiate with us, and they, the SABC is in breach of that agreement.

It is this new, useless SABC Board that has stopped everything. They must be blamed for the fact that you have not received a salary increase. They do not want to give a mandate for negotiations. Maybe they should start concentrating on what they hired to do, and they should stop getting involved in the day-to-day operational issues of the SABC. They have been for how long in the seat and they did not bother to meet with BEMAWU, the representatives and face of you, the workers.

I think it is because they don't take us serious as workers. So let's raise our voice and become vocal and adamant that we, the workers of the SABC be RESPECTED and be taken SERIOUS!

You are paying R10.00 a litre for petrol (whether you own your own car, using a taxi or a bus)and inflation runs into double figures but this Board is engaged in a power struggle for political positions! How ridiculous!

Let's rise again, in unity and give this Board something else to do and worry about. Maybe their political games will STOP, and they will concentrate on what they have been hired to do.

VIVA BEMAWU.... and let the struggle continue!!!

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