Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Mike Namane, a senior union official was suspended for asking a hypothetical question in respect of the continues breach by Senior and Top Management of the Delegation of Authority policy. Chris Breytenbach was dismissed for taking six cans of Coke.

Madam Chairperson of the SABC Board, please start suspending Top and Senior Management. If you fail to do so, you will be failing your fiduciary duties too.

The AG report is shocking to put it mildly.

We are planning some action.

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Anonymous said...

The audit report has left out many areas of corruption and non adherance to policy.We should ask a more in depth investigation such as Gabs Mampone and the flouting of policies at Sales and marketing,Why did Streeni Naiker get away so easily?Why has frivolous spending in IR been ignored,why has The Saul Pele,Dipoko saga not been tended to at news amongst others.

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