Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bloemfontein Meeting

Dear Keobokile,

We requested and received permission to held a general meeting in Bloemfontein today at 13:00. We have incurred costs to travel to Bloemfontein only to be informed when we arrived here that the meeting has been cancelled by Vincent Tsoenyane.

We hereby request that you honor your word and arrange for this meeting to proceed today, at 13:00 as agreed.

Employees are entitled to attend this meeting in their lunchtime. Should you not arrange for a venue inside the SABC, we will continue with the meeting outside the SABC.


Hannes du Buisson


Anonymous said...

Sipho must go! He's the one that instigated Vincent to do this!

Anonymous said...

What happened?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannes,

What happened at the meeting?

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