Tuesday, 22 September 2009

BEMAWU official suspended

BEMAWU National Executive Member Mike Namane has been suspended by Vincent Tsoenyane, SABC Freestate Regional Manager for asking a question in a meeting.

Irene, Gab and Phumelele, why are you managing the SABC by fear? The question Mike Namane asked was effectively whistle blowing. He asked a hypothetical question in respect of the Delegation of Authority document. Instead of picking up on that and asking the Auditor General to follow up, you allowed Tsoenyane to suspend him.

You are not serious about whistle blowing, are you? You are equally not serious about so-called First Citizen rights, are you?

After this, do you think any employee will ever ask a question again in an open meeting?

This is called management by fear.

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Anonymous said...

I know why - it is because they can. The power the Communist Wife weilds must now be curbed. Once she is gone - and a qualified Employee Engagement specialist is in her place - things will get better.

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