Friday, 05 March 2010


BEMAWU would like to place in perspective the media statement issued by the SABC attached hereunder by responding as follows.

We have received information from at least 3 reliable source that a Board Member will be seconded to head the Sales and Marketing division of the SABC. As this would be unethical we raised the issue in a discussion forum of the SOS Campaign without mentioning any name, but used the term “board member”. At least one individual member of the forum with close association with the SABC responded by referring to the person as “she”.  We never mentioned whether it was a he or a she. This confirmed that our sources had the correct information, as it was communicated to us it would indeed be a female board member. So four separate, independent sources confirmed this.

The unfounded attack by the Board on BEMAWU and its attempt to discredit us is noted with concern. This will however not stop us from reporting to the various interest groups our concerns, and we will continue to monitor our public broadcaster to ensure good corporate governance and compliance. At least we have succeeded to change the mind of the board to second a board member to the Sales and Marketing division.

What expanded oversight means, will be seen.

Issued by the Broadcasting, Electronic, Media & Allied Workers Union.
Media enquiries : Hannes du Buisson



Johannesburg, 05 March  2010 – As part of the programme of turning around and stabilising the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the corporation’s Board yesterday (4 March 2010) asked one of its members, Ms Clare O’Neil, to provide expanded oversight of the SABC’s sales and marketing activities.

The Board made the request at the recommendation of the Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Solly Mokoetle and because of Ms. O’Neil’s specialised knowledge and experience in the field of advertising and related activities.

Ms O’Neil will contribute to strategic and operational planning on SABC revenues and exercise oversight over implementation of the turnaround programme. The Board expects this arrangement to last for several months. She will remain a member of the Board and will not serve directly in the SABC structures.

The Board thanks Ms O’Neil for accepting this increased involvement.

In the light of various inaccurate claims and comments made before the Board addressed the matter, the Board notes that the request to Ms O’Neil and the nature of her increased oversight is in line with the requirements with the SABC’s enabling legislation, the Broadcasting Act; with the Public Finance Management Act; and with various other regulatory and statutory imperatives. The Board believes it would be useful in future if commentators and analysts did not base their assessments on inaccurate rumours, but on facts.

It also notes that the inaccurate reports and comments appear to have originated on a materially inaccurate claim by an official of the Bemawu trade union. It suggests analysts and commentators treat future claims from this source with caution.


Issued By:                    Group Communications on Behalf of the Chairperson of the Board.

Media Enquiries:         Kaizer Kganyago

                                   082 306 8888

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