Thursday, 11 March 2010

Union Membership

Just a short reminder to members and prospective members.

In the past BEMAWU took on members already in trouble and we helped them, mostly successfully. It however takes a  lot of our time and resources and particularly it is costly when legal fees need to be paid (BEMAWU members don’t have to pay for lawyers). We therefore took a decision that we will still take on members in trouble, but they will have to pay for any legal costs themselves. Legal cost for one labour matter can easily be R60 000,00.

The past few days we had several employees joining, some which will have to pay their own legal cost.

This is the policy of most unions.

We therefore urge employees to join timeously. You might find yourself without any representation when there is a restructuring or retrenchment process.

In light of the recent suspensions and closing down of News International it may just be the best for you to have a trade union behind you.

To join, mail us at

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