Tuesday, 02 March 2010

PRMA Update

The PRMA case in the High Court will stand down until Monday next week to enable the parties to reach a settlement in the matter.

The parties will meet on Thursday the 4th of March to discuss a settlement. Should no settlement be reached the matter will continue on Monday. No evidence will be led and it will only be argued before the judge.

Kindly make sure you are available to respond to any proposal put by the SABC. Please post your view here too.


Anonymous said...

Please don't back off. This is our retirement the SABC is trying to sink. They changed it unilaterally. To show that they are serious they must reverse the change, and then we start to talk. Negotiating with them now creates the impression that they did not do something wrong, and they did!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my being simple but didn't we have a case judge to avoid all this SABC tom-foolery?

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