Friday, 21 August 2009

Durban 4 back

The SABC has just confirmed that our members in the Durban 4 case can start working on 1 September. This brings an end to a 3 year long battle for fairness and justice where these employees were subjected to unprecedented harassment, ranging from unlawful arrests by a policemen arrested for corruption himself to unfair suspension and humiliation. This case incurred legal cost to the SABC of nearly 6 million rand in legal cost.
This is what BEMAWU does for our members on a daily basis - protecting you from high handed management.

Viva to the power of trade unions!


Anonymous said...

Well Done - CONGRATULATIONS BEMAWU - you have once again prooven forget the battle - lets win the WAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Who was the panel that fired them? Should that manager not be exposed for being wrong, or do they just get away with it?

Anonymous said...

They are the "hangmen" of the SABC, Mr. Tseliso Ralitabo and Mr. Bernard Khoma. If they did not arrive at this foolish decision, the SABC could have saved R7 Million. Why did Employee Relations not stop the hearing? Why did HR, Pat Naves not stop the hearing? Why did Khabo, HR, KZN not stop the hearing? Why did Zakes John Dube, the man never at work not stop the hearing? This is fruitless and wastefull expenditure in terms of the PFMA. They MUST be fired, criminally charged and sued, all of them. How many more innocent employees will be dismissed by Ralitabo, Khoma, Naves, Employee Relations, Khabo, Dube before a stop is put to this racial cleansing by them? If you not Zulu, you nothing. Indians dont stand a chance in KZN!

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr Tseliso Ralitabo, Mr Bernard Koma, ER, HR, Naves, Khabo not being charged with wasteful expenditure? Seven million could heve given us another percentage point in increase!

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