Thursday, 20 August 2009

HR KZN's response on Lotus Strike



From: Khabo Nhleko []
Sent: 20 August 2009 09:01 AM
Subject: RE: Lotus Strike


Not interested


From: Hannes du Buisson []
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 5:56 AM
To: Khabo Nhleko
Subject: Lotus Strike


All full time BEMAWU members at Lotus FM are currently on strike.

The reason for the strike is actually very simple. Employees at the station are unhappy with the manner in which the station has been managed. There is a total breakdown in the trust relationship between the employees and the manager.

In the employer/employee relationship Management have most of the time most of the power. They have the right to dismiss and appoint, to discipline and to instruct. Employees only have power when they collectively stand together when they are unhappy and embark on industrial action.

The only recourse employees have to remove an abusive manager from office is to go on strike. Particularly when such a manager is protected by Top and Senior Management.

BEMAWU members are fighting various principles with this strike. One being the right to come to work and not being exposed to abusive management and management not making sound financial decisions.

We cannot allow a situation where we have unhappy workers and we have no recourse

We request that all employees, and in particular BEMAWU members participate in the strike today, even if it is only in your lunch time. If we do not fight this bad management practices, it may happen to you tomorrow, where a managers simply makes a decision to dismiss you.

Please show solidarity and support for our comrades outside. Today, between 12:00 and 13:00.


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Khabo,where does the word human fit into your designation.They could replace you with a totem pole,even though it will do as much as you are doing for the situation,it at least bears some significance to a the honourable thing...resign

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