Monday, 17 August 2009

SABC KZN suspends Lotus FM program manager unfairly

The SABC in KZN has today unfairly suspended our member, the Lotus FM program manager Mr Santosh Beharie on bogus allegations.

Mr. Beharie were requested to forward reasons why he should not be suspended on allegations of undeclared business interests, disruption of relations, leaking of confidential information and dereliction of duties.

When asked to provide details of the allegations, Liketso Mokokoane the Acting General Manager of PBS Radio instead served our member with a suspension letter. We don't know what our member has been suspended for and an unfair suspension dispute will be filed tomorrow morning at the CCMA.

We view this as severe victimisation
The Station Manager, Gail Samuels was accused of giving away thousands of rands worth of airtime but never was suspended. Our member is now suspended on bogus charges that does not even warrant suspension, even if it had substance.

Can the Board PLEASE get rid of this INCOMPETENT management? The previous case of the Durban 4 resulted in legal cost of close to R 6M Rand, and the employees in question were reinstated. How much of license money will be spent on this case?

How does any organization allow the spending of almost R6M on one case and no action is taken against such management?

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