Tuesday, 03 November 2009

Draft Bill - SABC

We have received the draft Bill and we are currently studying it. BEMAWU will make representations to Parliament and the Minister in respect of the proposed Act.

If you have any comments, kindly forward same to me as a matter of urgency.


Anonymous said...

Is there not a process to be followed before a Bill is drafted? What happened to the green and white papers - or is the SABC also excluded from this process. Or is there a clause somewhere that says under "emergency (i.e. bad financial management" conditions, these steps can be skipped??

Anonymous said...

My request is sabc to find jobs around for every one or they can sqeez us to every sabc department.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Why was the number one broadcaster in the country not aware of the bill?
Well the question is how does this affect the staff of ASD does SABC have a back up plain if the bill gets passed
The bill is clear on its objectives but was there any consideration taken of how they will curb job losses
Single mothers Fathers breadwinner’s in house holds will be affected. The government states that they need to grow new jobs
This clearly is not the case here. Not only TV licence workers will be affected by this, every one that works directly with us will be affected
Post office workers (mail houses), Printers workers, DCA staff, and Inspectorate staff. Can we really afford to loss so many jobs if they pass this bill. One thing we must take in account as well, we the work force did not mist manage the SABC funds
Please bring the culprits to book so we are not punished for there mistakes.

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