Friday, 13 November 2009

This is not the Army, Minister

So we saw the unconstitutional Bill, with no White paper, no Green Paper, no public participation trying to tax citizens for a TV license! What nonsense! So what Minister will be next in the queue and what other taxes will we have to pay for services we constitutionally does not want to associate with? Maybe tax for your dog license, gun license, radio license? What about Domestic Worker Tax? They are the lowest paid, so why don’t we pay tax to be distributed to all registered domestic workers?

Tax is definitely not the answer to the question of TV Licenses. When the SABC goes digital, there will be no longer analogue TV. So the SABC will have to use decoders. Decoders can be switched off if you don’t pay. So no pay, no TV. Easy.

Currently 1500 jobs are threatened by the proposed Bill, that strangely enough make mention of unemployment and the combating thereof.

BEMAWU will continue to fight the new Bill and the proposal to do away with TV Licenses. There are other, less invasive and very effective options available.

This is not the Army, Minister.

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