Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The most expensive Temp in South Africa?

So the Interim Board issued an unlawful instruction that you may not sell your leave days, despite your contractual right to do so. They furthermore unlawfully and despite your contractual right to accumulate leave threatened that you will forfeit your hard earned leave if you don’t take it. BEMAWU had to take a hard line approach and threaten the SABC with legal action and an urgent interdict before the Acting Chief Executive, Human Capital Mr. Sipho Sithole confirmed that BEMAWU members will not forfeit any leave, except the compulsory 12 days which employees have to take every year, if not taken.

We had seen an application for provisional liquidation of the SABC, strikes and protest action because the SABC alleged they had no money to pay employees, producers and its debtors. Performance management is non-existent, and when applied, it is used to punish and prosecute employees. There is no reward system coupled to it. SABC employees does not have any career paths. No employee can be promoted, say from a secretary to a senior secretary based on meeting standards and good performance. HR will inform that the post have to be re-evaluated. Those who qualify for promotions are told to wait, there is no money. Then some HR Consultants will whisper that Pat Naves, the suspended (why no action?) Chief Executive, Human Capital had issued an instruction that no ad-hoc promotions/salary increases will happen. Sithole denied it. He said it nonsense, no such instruction had been issued.

Fact is, it is almost impossible to get a regrading (move from one scale of seniority to the following), except if your name is connected to the former SABC Board Chairperson and it is starts with a “C” (for Colin). Then you jump several scales at once.

Then another announcement that the SABC deficit is even more than what we were told.

Bottom line is, there is no money... allegedly.

So having said all of this, Mr. Ray Nkwe, please explain where you getting money from to pay a Temp as much as R 40 458.60 per month in April this year, 2009? (There are several other payments made for even higher amounts for Temps) And how does one Temp work 290.5 hours overtime in one month?

And can the SABC please explain whether the moratorium on appointments means Temps can be appointed and paid exorbitant salaries, whilst current, permanent staff cannot sell one day leave to pay for school fees?

Maybe the SABC should borrow money from the Sales and Marketing Division?

R 100 035,00 for a Temp for three months can only mean there is more than enough money for the coming salary negotiations. So please, apply for regradings... Sell your leave, claim your outstanding money if you an independent producer, because the SABC does have money. No need for 1% tax.

Update: Another R 175,500.00 plus R 220 000,00 spent on a Temp by Sales and Marketing!!!


Anonymous said...

This goes to show how CORRUPT sabc is.You find
people who are 10 years and more in the corporation but are not earning that kind of money, they are still kept in these pathetic scale codes(406-404). Things like these must be stopped and people who are doing these things should be brought to book as well. Where was HR when these things were happening? Why did HR approve on this corruption? So HR is equally guilty on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Oh no just break this R175,000.00 plus R220,000.00 properly and let us know if some action will be taken against these perpertrators.

Anonymous said...

While others which is assistant does everything in there departments and goes home with a louse R7000.00 per month and temps are on a gravy train here at the SABC, while perm staff work hard and be loyal to the company cannot even ask for a rise. At the SABC the hard workers earn peanuts while the non workers go home with a high salary.

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