Friday, 27 November 2009

SABC ordered to reinstate dismissed BEMAWU member

The CCMA yesterday ordered the SABC to reinstate unfairly dismissed BEMAWU member Chris le Roux and to pay him compensation of R 85 464.40.

BEMAWU referred un unfair dismissal dispute to the CCMA when our member, Mr. Chris le Roux was dismissed after 13 years of service and 17 repetitive fixed term contracts. His last contract was for a 3-year term and just before the lapse of this contract he was informed his contract would not be renewed again. He had a reasonable expectation that his contract would be renewed again as it was done the previous 17 times.

We hope this will send a stern message to the SABC that they are playing with fire when they appoint people on fixed term contracts whilst it is in fact a permanent position. We have urged the SABC for many years to convert all fixed term contracts into permanent contracts if the position is permanent. We will do so again.

Members faced with similar problems should notify BEMAWU in time. We will continue to fight for and protect our members against any unfair and unjust practices.


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