Monday, 01 February 2010

The Board has started it's witch-hunt

Employees at the SABC today received this correspondence....

Dear xxxx,

At the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Management Meeting held last week I referred to an exercise HR had to conduct across the SABC with the view of determining via a recon process which members of staff had been absent during December 2009 without a corresponding leave application on SAP. The source documents used were access control reports as well as a leave report from SAP for the month of December 2009.

The attached report is the result of the recon process completed for all Johannesburg based employees. I would request that you please provide reasons/ comments why members of staff had been absent from work without having a corresponding leave application on SAP. I am aware of the fact that certain individuals had been acting during December which would require them to also provide their input where needed.

May I please request that you submit your input/ comments to me by no later than close of business Thursday, 28 January 2010.

Your cooperation is greatly valued.

Kind regards,


So the witch hunt has started on employees.... There are no proper HR structures and leadership in the SABC, the place is fraught with favoritisms, victimisation and abuse of power by certain managers, there are allegedly no career development plans, etc but HR must play policeman to check employee’s hours. The AG report has not been properly addressed, but employees must explain where they have been every minute of the day.

Are we EVER going to get this right?

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Anonymous said...

The question I need to ask is this. Is HR checking all access points including the entrance at stores in radio building and how reliable is the access report sheet. I know of one employee at Henley who's report showed that he was not at work for a whole month becuase the Access at the turnstyle report said so. He in fact was here everyday and video recording showed that he swiped his card the whole month. HR will have to proof that the swipe systerm is 100% correct before implicating anyone am I correct?

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