Tuesday, 09 February 2010

Mike Namane found NOT guilty on 3 of the 4 charges

The disciplinary hearing of Mr. Mike Namane, BEMAWU Official and Regional Chairperson of the Freestate Regions was postponed today after he was found NOT guilty on 3 of the 4 trumped-up charges against him. Mr. Namane who was suspended for 6 months by the Regional Manager and Employee Relations of the SABC was found guilty only because he replied to an e-mail sent to him, and accidentally pressed the “Reply to all” button.

How fruitless and wasteful is it to suspend someone for 6 months for that? TV License money? Tax payer’s money? SABC deficit of more than R1Bn?

Well done to Bruce Molzen, BEMAWU Regional Chairperson, Western Cape for representing Mr. Namae in this hearing, but most of all a big thank you to Mr. Zola Yeye, the chairperson of that hearing who refused to play Tsoenyane and Motsoeneng’s political power games.

Tsoenyane has already called a witness who refused to lie in the hearing and intimidated her. We will protect you, sister. You did the right thing to not succumb to their lies and intimidation.

Here’s a high five to you intimidators (and the initiator) in the Freestate Region, now pick a finger!!!!! Your HR is incompetent, biased, and does not have a clue what Human Resources means. Your Regional Manager is a bully.

The war is (still) on!

VIVA the unions, viva fairness and justice, Viva BEMAWU!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Bruce and the team.

When will we hear about increases, the CPI data from December came out a week or so ago?

Is the last agreement still in force?

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