Wednesday, 24 February 2010


So who will it be? Will the ordinary worker in the bargaining unit again be the target for retrenchments, or will it be the fat cats in top management? We are in possession of statistics of how top and middle management we grown and inflated at the expense of the people who is doing the work. We will insist that the lucrative packages of top and senior management first be cut back before any of our members are retrenched.

We will make sure the heavily bloated top structure will be streamlined before any employee in the bargaining unit are touched.

BEMAWU members can rest assured we will fiercely fight any retrenchments of our members.

Those Chief Executives with no role or function must go first.

We want a competency audit of top and senior management.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that staff at the SABC is facing retrenchments but Sollie had to bring in a new PA? The position was not vacant and the person who occupied the position was more than capable to do the work! If he wants to save cost, he should reduce his own salary!

Anonymous said...

According to news articles, a forensic audit is requested by the AG's office. Does the SABC not have an Audit department?

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