Friday, 26 February 2010


The PRMA case started today in the Johannesburg High Court and the SABC played games from the first minute. Their lawyers asked that the matter be postponed and be referred for mediation, and if mediation fails it then be referred to arbitration. What a waste of the court's time, our time and everybody's money.

On 14 January this year we wrote a letter to Mr. Mokoetle and we alerted him about the fact that the case will be heard in February. We suggested a meeting to discuss and negotiate a settlement. We received no response from the SABC.

We will not consent to mediation. All parties knew about the case and the dates were fixed more than 18 Months ago. When you are in charge of a multi billion rand organisation you don't wake up on the eve of a 10 day scheduled court case and decide to mediate.

We will proceed on Monday.

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