Monday, 01 February 2010

Unilateral change to policies

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that the SABC has unilaterally changed policies which are terms and conditions of employment.

Yesterday we came in possession of a document dated 7 February 2008, signed by Dr Pat Naves. The title of this document is “Remuneration Directive”. In this document, which is described by Ron Morobe as a policy decision,  the policy on ad hoc increases for instance will cease.

In fact, everything in this policy is a gross breach of terms and conditions of employment and has been done without the involvement of the unions.

Furthermore, our members are denied the right to sell leave, as per agreed policy. Many of our members need this money (which will reduce the leave balance of employees) to fund school fees for their children, something they have practiced for many years.

We demand that this directive be withdrawn, and that the policy entitling our members to sell leave be restored, failing we will proceed with a dispute.


Hannes du Buisson

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