Monday, 01 February 2010


To:  Mr. Keobokile Mosweu
        General Manager
        Employee Relations

Dear Sir,

We act on behalf of several of our members.

We are in possession of documentation in respect of payments for work done during the 2009 Elections which appeared to be tampered with, with the effect that the employees on that list, of which the majority are BEMAWU members, were paid substantially less for the work they have performed during the elections. The altering of the document and the subsequent reduced payment is tantamount to fraud and we intend pursuing such charges should you fail to urgently remedy the situation.

Hours of individuals were for example altered from 41.32 to 23, 58.67 to 37, 37.84 to 23, etc. and a total of 22 employees are involved.

We demand that our members be paid for the hours they worked, as submitted and approved and we furthermore demand the strongest disciplinary action against the person who has fraudulently changed the hours. Should you fail to remedy this situation within seven (7) days of date of this letter, we will proceed with a dispute and criminal action against the perpetrator.  A formal complaint will be lodged with Internal Audit too in this respect.


Hannes du Buisson

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