Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Comrades of CWU and MWASA,

This serves as a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Human Resources Department of the Freestate Region, and in particular in the abilities and intentions of Mr. Sipho Maseko. This also serves as a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the Regional Manager and his collaborators. Mr. Namane has been found NOT guilty on three of the four charges. Mr. Maseko send him a document and warning form to sign, stating that he has been found guilty on three charges. Was this done deliberately? So what action is Senior Management  going to take against Mr. Tsoenyane and Maseko for suspending Mr. Namane for more than six months?

To fill in the warning form is Mr Maseko’s job. He has not done that properly. Will poor work performance action be instituted against him? Or is discipline in that region only for employees not agreeing with the political views of Management?

Comrades, please organise your members in that region. We have already started. We will not stop until justice has been done.

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