Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The memo in respect of compulsory leave has reference. Mr. Morobe is confused and wrong when he says the Basic Conditions of Employment requires staff to take at least 21 calender days leave per cycle.  The Act says :

(2) An employer must grant an employee at least—
(a) 21 consecutive days’ annual leave on full remuneration in respect of each
annual leave cycle;

Why Mr. Morobe is trying to mislead employees, is a mystery. There is a massive and fundamental difference between “requires staff to take” and “must grant”.

The Personel Regulations however states the following:

(a)  Employees are required to take at least 21 days’ leave in every annual leave cycle (“compulsory leave”) or within six months after the end of the annual leave cycle. Employees are entitled to take compulsory leave in one consecutive period, that is, 21 consecutive days’ leave.

Playing golf is easier than trying to interpret the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, for some people.

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