Friday, 26 February 2010


BEMAWU has referred in the shortest time the most dispute in its history to the CCMA and there are many more to come. So far we have cases set down for 9, 11, 15th (two disputes) and one for the 25th of March this year.

This is due to in particular the attitude of Group Human Resources management at the highest level and Employee Relations Management. We do not get any co-operation from these two managers and we sense an attitude of no care. Most disputes are about failure of the SABC to promote members. We have been very patient with the SABC up to now, but no more. For years we were told there is no money to promote and regrade our members whilst top and senior management are enjoying lucrative salary packages.

Other disputes are about unilateral change to policies aimed at putting more pressure on the already overworked and underpaid SABC staff.

It is time that our deserving members are looked after by the SABC. To be for 20 years on a junior scale with no promotion and regrading is not fair.

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Anonymous said...

This is good news for all of us because in some cases you find that in the same area that you work in you are expected to help when there is shortage and instead of them grooming you and promoting you in that position they bring outside people who will come there and expect you to show those otsiders the ropes. I think a moratorium should be put in place for sabc not to hire outsiders on positions where internal people in those specific business units can be able to take up on those roles & responsibilities because they do not want to see people being promoted to scale 300. I think TV HR should be investigated as well, as it is the stumbling block on the growth of employees most of the time.

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