Thursday, 18 June 2009

D-Day for SABC

The CCMA issued a certificate of outcome a few minutes ago. It now means SABC employees may embark on a protected strike after proper procedure has been followed. The procedure is as follows:

  • We must ballot our members ,
  • If the outcome is in favour of a strike, the SABC must be given 48 hours notice,
  • In respect of BEMAWU members, because we have structured our dispute slightly different, we will have to give slightly longer notice.

Permission has been granted by the SABC to have a general meeting with members, tomorrow at 12:00. - K1 Auditorium.

It is critical that you attend. If you don't, other people may make decisions on your behalf.

You do not have to strike if you don't want to. It is entirely voluntary. Nobody will force you to do so. It is however important to note that we will all benefit from a strike. The more people participating, the quicker it will be over.

Please attend the meeting.

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