Saturday, 06 June 2009

Who are they fooling?

This is the MOST incompetent Board the SABC EVER had!!

They do not understand the Broadcasting Act at all. If they do, they are deliberately in breach of an Act of Parliament which makes it a criminal offence.

Since when can the Board appoints it own chairperson?

The Broadcasting Act is very clear on this. The Board CANNOT appoint itself or it's chairperson or vice chair.

This is what the Broadcasting Act says in this respect:

13. Members of Board.--(1) The twelve non-executive members of the Board must be appointed by the President on the advice of the National Assembly.

(3) The President must designate one of the members of the Board... as the chairperson and another member as a deputy chairperson, both of whom must be non-executive members of the Board.

(7) Every appointment of a member of the Board must be published in the Gazette.

Please President Zuma, regard this as an official complaint from BEMAWU against the SABC Board that they are acting in breach of the Broadcasting Act. Recall the whole Board and replace them with an Interim Board, as per the Broadcasting Amendment Act. A Board that does not understand the few simple sentences above should NEVER have been there in the first place. And make it a requirement that new Board Members must know by heart and understand the Broadcasting Act before they can get appointed.

The new, illegal appointment was also never published in the Gazette.

If any of our members are in breach of a policy, they usually gets disciplined and fired. We please want to see consistency, Com President.

And whilst we dusted off our copy of the Act, how many Executive committee members do we have? It cannot legally be more than 14.

“Executive committee
14. (1) The affairs of the Corporation are administered by an executive committee consisting of the Group Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and no more than 11 other members.

Maybe the SOS Coalition must start organising a mass viewer and listener march to all SABC Offices for the SABC to take note of the illegal things going on at our Public Broadcaster and to get the Board removed.

We cannot have a Board who is in breach of national legislation, alternatively is making their own laws. And why exactly has Khanyi decided to step down? The vote of no confidence was put in her by fellow board members for misconduct. Why is she allowed to remain on the Board?



Anonymous said...

H, well done for exposing this! The Board is a non entity. It has, by this ridiculous action, dissolved itself!

People who watched the boardroom could see how Gab and Robin were smugly giggling with each other at every juncture they came outside.

When Ashwin Trikamjee (their protector) took the reigns, it became clear why. The three of them was seen literally hugging each other after the meeting.

Some sport personnel, while working 16 hours a day in Beijing, saw how Gab Mampone and Ashwin Trikamjee had a whale of a time...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam

We are a large advertising agency. Kindly tell us how we can help. We do have some clout.

The media placement industry is a close knit group, with our problems, but we do need a good, well-oiled National Broadcaster - our clients demand it.

Well done on this blog! Please tell the admin it is fast becoming a serious source of honest reporting on the National Broadcaster's challenges. Time is running out, however.

How do we join SOS? We have vested interest. Please publish that info here.

Anonymous said...

So this is how they treat the "1st Citizen".. cancel/postpone a redifusion with an email at 21:14, do they think we all have laptops with 3G cards and check our work email every half hour?

What have they been doing since the announcement of the "austerity plan" that they now need to have another meeting and quote "The purpose of that meeting is to come out with the action plans to deal with the state of affairs in the organisation"

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