Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gab's Lies

The Acting Group Chief Executive of the SABC, Mr Gab Mampone is lying if he says BEMAWU did not sign the multi-term agreement. We signed it in November 2008, and we faxed it to the SABC. We have proof of same.

We altered the agreement slightly by removing one word, but apart from that, we have accepted the agreement.

We have proceeded to refer the salary dispute to arbitration.

Should the other two unions succeed on Thursday in the Labour Court, we will apply for a secondary strike, and our members will be entitled to participate in the strike.

We still hope management will come to their senses and negotiate with us instead of having meetings until 02:00 in the morning to prepare strike plans.

There is massive support for a strike from within management because you had unilaterally decided to take their increases away, Mr Mampone. No plans will keep the SABC on air should we continue with a strike.

Mr. Mampone, you have confirmed in the general staff meeting you owe us the 12,%... Honour the agreement, or we may refuse to honour it next year with the World Cup.
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