Friday, 19 June 2009

SABC filed interdict

The SABC late yesterday afternoon filed an urgent application for an interdict in a desperate attempt to stop a strike at the SABC. Suddenly their arrogance is starting to make sense. They had this card up their sleeve, and what will be decided today, at 14:00 in the Labour Court is whether it was an Ace or not.

As if they haven't wasted enough money! Another court battle, costing hundreds of thousands of rands whilst employees received a ZERO percent (0%) increase and Producers and Service Providers are begging for payment - for money legally due to them.

The application was served on MWASA and the CWU and on an undisclosed group of employees. We are not sure if we are included in that group. We will in any event add ourselves as a party to oppose this application.

The SABC is acting in bad faith, high handedly and with arrogance.

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