Tuesday, 30 June 2009

It's 1-0 for organised labour

The SABC has lost, with cost it's urgent interdict against organised labour in the Labour Court. The SABC launched an urgent interdict against the unions to prevent us from going on strike.

Now the Labour Court has ruled on it, and we may now, within 48 hours embark on a protected strike with permission of the Labour Court.

We will update you soon on the way forward.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful excellent news! Thanks

Anonymous said...


Were too from here please give clear directives. What time? Were? Logistics in terms meeting place and signboards roll call registers. Let’s get it on a.s.a.p

The cry of CHAKA was "never leave an enemy behind” let us not leave any one behind comrades.

This is our time ViVa!!!!!

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