Thursday, 11 June 2009

Retrenchments coming under this Board?

This is what the acting Group Chief Executive that is trusted by only half of the dysfunctional board, who now has three votes of no confidence in him,

1. By organised labour at the SABC consisting of three trade unions representing by far the majority of SABC employees,
2. By the Top 100 managers of the SABC,
3. By disgruntled staff, after he failed to address staff yesterday,

is saying:

"He said all major consulting work had now been stopped completely. "There are just small areas where we believe specialist intervention needs to be done."He said a study done on behalf of the SABC had showed that the organisation had surplus staff "all over the place"."Our new operating model that we need to implement will clearly allow us to come up with an optimal structure that says wherever we have excess fat, that fat must be removed from the organisation."

What part of vote of no confidence does he not understand?

  • Why do we need more consultants (again!) to tell us the SABC is overstaffed? The mere fact that you did not ask HR to do the study clearly indicates that you yourself don't trust them. This confirms our vote of no confidence in them. You have also now effectively put a vote of no confidence in them.
  • Human Resources Management (HR), and they alone are in control of appointments. Why did they allow and made all these appointments? Why must staff who bona fide accepted employment with the SABC and left previous jobs now be faced with retrenchments because incompetent HR Management appointed them? Why do we still have those HR Chief Executive employed? Why haven't you taken action against her, Mr. Mampone?
  • WE DO NOT TRUST YOU, YOUR NEW MODEL OR YOUR CONSULTANTS TELLING YOU ABOUT SURPLUS STAFF. There is a vote of no confidence in you. You were told this three (3) times, or is it 4 times? Did the Independent Producers say so too?
  • The only surplus staff we have is the Board and Group Executive.
  • Staff did not appoint themselves. If we are in this financial crises because of surplus staff, then HR Management has put the SABC in this financial crisis. Why no action? What if they do so again?

In terms of Section 189A of the LRA employees may embark on a protected strike if faced with retrenchments.

We will not allow the SABC to retrench our members without us fighting this in the highest court.

Cutting must start from the top and end before the bargaining unit.

And whilst Mampone is saying the SABC must cut staff, the Minister says appoint more:

"Nyanda was briefed on challenges facing the SABC, including the broadcaster’s financial crisis, the salary negotiations with unions, differences between board members and the filling of key vacant positions.
The SABC has been facing a leadership crisis since the appointment of the new board in December 2007. Three board members — Peter Vundla, Christine Qunta and Fadilah Lagadien — have resigned this year, with Lagadien citing a lack of leadership at board level. A Deloitte report this year found that the board was damaged by extensive infighting and that both board and management were suspicious of each other.

Nyanda raised concerns about the negative public perception of the board and management’s ability to give direction to the operation, and reminded the board that the SABC’s mandate is to deliver quality broadcasting ."

So who do we believe now?


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