Friday, 12 June 2009

Light at the end...

Three more Board members have resigned.

Desmond Golding, Andile Mbeki and Bheki Khumalo. Its almost like burning the place down to smoke the rat(s) out. Indiscriminately. What a pity the good rats - if there is such a thing - get hurt in the process.

What a pity government, the stakeholder did not act earlier. Party politics in an organisation are usually very destructive. The SABC is no exception. It is even more destructive if employees are drawn into the fight for political control, without them knowing they are in fact supporting a political party and its fight for control of the Public Broadcaster.

BEMAWU is not politically aligned and not affiliated with any Federation. We do not practice party politics - we are there for all our members, no matter what political party they support (or don't support). Political parties are for politics, trade unions for workers rights.

Yesterday’s “sit-in” which happened spontaneously was NOT legal. Today’s sit-in will NOT be legal! We do not support illegal action that may jeopardize the employment of our members.

This is a call for our members to please NOT participate in the unlawful action planned for today. We believe it is irresponsible and foolish to call on employees to support and participate in an unprotected strike or illegal work stoppage.

We did not plan it. The communiqué that was send out claiming to be a joint communiqué was NOT authorized by BEMAWU. Please take note that we will never request someone else to talk on our behalf. If you ever in future receive a communiqué from anyone else but BEMAWU, know its fake and please do not act on such communication. We will use our own letterheads and the other methods of communication to inform members of meetings, actions, etc. We will use this forum in particular.

We support the principle and we are in agreement that Gab and the people responsible for the mismanagement of the SABC must go. But we are not in agreement it should be done in an unlawful and unprocedural manner.

For such action to be lawful and protected, a dispute must be referred to the CCMA, conciliation must take place and 48 hours notice must be given. Else, it’s an unprotected strike and employees can be dismissed/disciplined. We cannot criticize the SABC for not adhering to Law and Policy, whilst we also do the same.

We are at the CCMA on Monday in respect of the salary dispute.

Members who want to attend the CCMA hearing may do so. It is your right to be there as you are an applicant in the matter. The exact details will be added here soon.

If it is at all possible to be there, please come and show your support.



Anonymous said...

What a pity to see that Management is so scared of their own staff that they cannot even speak to them. They cannot even allow them to have meetings with their unions. They do not even come to work and get the Police to scare their staff. That is a shame. They still also do not recognise the fact that the staff of the SABC is doing ALL the work. In my 20 years at the SABC it is the first time that I am experiencing such a dilemma. Nobody can even think that this is right. I am passionate about my work and the SABC, but unfortunately our present Management makes me ashame to tell outside people that I am working at the SABC. I am ashamed of our Management and they should be of themselves.

Anonymous said...

We cannot go to the SABC, as we need to put in leave for that day and some of us do not have enough leave. I hope the CCMA will rule in favour of the staff (Unions).

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