Wednesday, 03 June 2009

Remove these clown...

The SABC has now lost it completely! What happened to constitutional rights? See correspondence between BEMAWU and SABC Management hereunder. We wrote the letter to the SABC to confirm employee's constitutional rights to join the march because individual members informed their line managers (for the sake of courtesy) of their intention to join and they were threatened with dismissal and disciplinary action. Please General Ghebuza, remove these clowns. They don't know what they talking about and have no regard for human rights. What happened to freedom of speech?

Our correspondence:

Sent: 03 June 2009 01:10 PM
To: Andre Weber
Subject: Demonstration - Thursday

Dear Mr Weber, Please confirm that SABC employees may participate if they so wish in the peaceful demonstration tomorrow at the SABC during their lunch time.


From: Andre Weber []
Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 2:05 PM
Cc: Patience NavesSubject:
RE: Demonstration - Thursday

Dear Hannes

As you are aware that the march has been organised by Independent Producers and that same was not intended to include SABC employees. Under normal circumstances where SABC employees are involved, the necessary official notification within a reasonable time period would have been given by the unions and certain rules would have been agreed upon. Given the circumstances the SABC cannot give such permission or confirm that SABC employees may participate in the march.

Regards ANDRE


Dear Dr. Naves,

We do not understand why SABC Employees may not, in only their lunchtime (this is not working time) join a demonstration outside the SABC?

Are you infringing on employee’s constitutional rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association?

This is not an official strike and we therefore do not need to give official notification.

We would like you to withdraw your statement and threats that employees must be guarded like prisoners during their lunchtime tomorrow and to communicate to employees their right to do whatever they want to do in their lunchtime. Since when can you regulate what employees may do in their lunchtime?

We await your urgent response.


Hannes du Buisson
President : BEMAWU



Anonymous said...

Management is scared that staff will strike. And that is what they should do. STRIKE!!!!!! It's time ....

Anonymous said...

It is merely the last kicks of a dying horse.

Let us remain inside - go the 26th floor at 12:00, and go individually ask for permission - all 3000 of us...

Anonymous said...

Andre Weber enjoys inflicting pain on others. It is time he finally goes. He should have been gone a long time ago. I am sure the other two unions would agree.

Let us add him, Naves, Potgieter and Feliti to our demands - as well as hangmen Koma, Ralitabo and Leballo.

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