Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Another victory for BEMAWU!

If you ever had doubts as to why you should belong to BEMAWU, keep on reading. These employees would not have been able to drive and fund a case like this on their own.

Today the Labour Court dismissed the SABC’s review application with cost in the Durban 4 matter, ending a lengthy and extremely expensive legal battle between BEMAWU and the SABC.

In a nutshell this case is about four BEMAWU members employed in the Durban office. They tendered on obsolete SABC vehicles. The SABC alleged they have breached tender rules (tendering on behalf of someone else) and summarily dismissed them. They were reinstated by the CCMA. The SABC took the CCMA decision on review to the Labour Court and today the Labour Court ruled in favour of the Union confirming the reinstatement of the four BEMAWU members.

We have seen figures of more than R3 Million spent on only this one case by the SABC. The SABC Regional Management in Durban, Mr Zakes Dube and Nokotula Luthuli must be investigated by the Auditor General and they must personally be held accountable and liable for these expenses. How possibly can anyone justify these enormous expenses for such a simple matter? Civil and criminal charges for fruitless and wasteful expenditure must be investigated against them.

So Mr Dube, are you and Mrs Luthuli going to spent another R3 Million of SABC money to take the matter on appeal? And we want our legal cost to be paid without delay, or else we will again send the Sherriff to reposes the SABC’s property.

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Just wondering when any of these will be back at work?

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