Friday, 31 July 2009

Members outside the so-called bargaining unit

To all BEMAWU members outside the so-called bargaining unit:

We wanted you to be included in this salary adjustment agreement. The SABC refused. Rumor has it that you will receive between 3 and 5% increase. We believe this is unfair. We will therefore start a process of negotiations with the SABC to negotiate a better and proper increase for you. We (and you) are entitled to collective bargaining in terms of the Labor Relations Act. The process will be as follows:
We want a mandate from you to start this process. Do so by sending us an email or sms. Email to or sms to 0829208669.
We will negotiate for BEMAWU members only. This will make it easier for the SABC to agree, as non-unionised members will still only receive their 3-5%.
If you mandate us to start the negotiations, please do not accept a salary increase you not happy with. If a salary increase is imposed on you unilaterally, let us know immediately and we will do the necessary legal correspondence.
Please provide us with your mandate as soon as possible.
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